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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 25, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> good morning. himenter childelede -- heather . >> i am patti ann browne. it is tuesday the 25th. the top five stories making news at this hour. president obama still changing the story on the terrorist attack on benghazi. he said the deadly attack wasn't just a mob action. it is a further shift from his administration claim that it was quote a spontaneous outburst
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related to an anti islam film. it took him more than a week to admit it was terrorism. >> while you were sleeping the first top level meeting between the u.s. and egypt since anti-american protestors stormed our embassy in cairo. secretary of state hillary clinton meeting with egyptian president mohammed morrissey. he assured him protecting the embassy was egypt awes duty. he was criticized for slow response. >> most notorious extremist could be here within a week to face terrorism charges. they ruled radical muslim cleric and four other suspected terrorists can be extradited. al masri tried to set up a training camp. they tried to get him extradited for years but it has been
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delayed because it was appealed. amtrak tried to get the rail project you are paying for. starting tonight and ending next week the railroad plans to stem them between maryland and massachusetts reaching record speeds of 165 miles per hour p. back in july you may remember they announced the multi billion dollar improvement plan despite being $1.34 billions in the red. country super star toby keith giving someone a surprise of her life time during his concert. >> keith plucked her out of the krod in tribute to her husband employed in afghanistan. her husband returned home early. as the song ended major pete
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cruise walked out on the stage. >> the couple stayed on stage to help keith sing another song. that's your 5@5:00. >> i hope that was the beginning of the concert so they could spend more time together. >> in a few hours president obama will talk to the general assembly. stind of staying in new york city to meet world leaders he will skip out and return back to the campaign trail. kelly wright has more. >> president obama is expected to talk about a wide range of topics when he speaks in front of world leaders at the u.n. general assembly. he will declare recent acts of anti-american violence and protests through out the muslim world and the killing of chris
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stevens dois not spreading good commonwealth across the world he will talk about nuclear threats from iran and united states is committed to its relationship to israel the strongest ally in the middle east. while he is in the u.n. he is not expected to be with any world leaders. jay carney explained monday why the president has made no public plans. the president just recently had a conversation with prime minister netanyahu that lasted more than an hour i believe, and that was just one in countless conversations that they have had. as you know the president has met with and spent time on the phone with prime minister netanyahu more than any leader since he took office. many are the president. republicans are blasting president obama for being in campaign mode during his visit. they criticized the president's decision to do an interview with
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the television show "the view" and not meet with other leaders like prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> i know something about this. i ske ehcheduled the president three years. we wouldn't have had time for the view it would have been packed with world leaders sitting down with the president having a discussion. something you can't accomplish on the other end of the telephone. there's no substitute to sitting down with a leader and the other people he brings to the meeting to talk about the heavy issues. jay carney the white house press secretary says it's still possible he could schedule a last minute meeting but none so far have been announced. kelly, thank you very much. that leads us to our brew on this question of the day. we would like to know if you think the president should take time to meet with world leaders or are constant phone conversations enough. >> send us your comments you can
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tweet them to us@fox friends first or e-mail them to us. the president's approach to foreign policy is what mitt romney is talking about. >> he is bouncing on president obama for referring to the recent attack at the consulate in libya as quote bumps in the road. the developments in the middle east are bumps in the road. that was by reaction. we had an ambassador assassinated, we had a muslim brotherhood a member elected to the presidency of egypt 20,000 people have been killed in syria. we have trouble in pakistan. of course iran is that much closer to having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. these are not bumps in the road.
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it is time for a president to be shaping events not just be mers il. i will get america on track for the kind of leadership we need so we can shape the future of this part of the world and keep america strong. >> the white house responding to his criticism saying republicans are searching toer something to grab on to. the president's views are clear and strong. they are talking and hitting romney on his plan for the economy. during his much criticized appearance on "the view." >> governor romney on 60 men's was asked do60 minutes asked do think it's fair he pays a lower tax rate than somebody making a 50,000 a year. yes i think it's fair that's the way you get even. i have a different vision on growing an economy. i think you grow it from the middle out not from the top
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down. the president was asked what he would do after the white house he said he would like to work with children. >> so i wonder if it will be a good day for kids to go out and play today. >> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> if you are headed outdoors early this morning across areas of the northeast or great lakes even in the carolinas it will be a little cool out there. make sure you grab the jacket or the sweater. raleigh north carolina very cool out there. 51 over minneapolis as we head northbound warts of carolinas as well. texas still warm out here. 94 will be the high temperature in dallas. 91 san antonio.
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a warm 89 degrees in new orleans. the south feeling like summertime not really fall time. we will see rain develop across far western areas across the interior northeast and portions of the ohio valley as a frontal boundary pushes eastward. westbound we have an area of low pressure that will be producing showers across portions of the four corners an the northern rockies. maria molina, thanks. now to stories you can bank on. the fed cracking down on credit card companies even forcing one to reimburse customers. here to explain is lauren simonetti of fox business network. >> credit cards issuers discovered pressuring them to buy the expensive add-on
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services like payment protection and credit monitoring. the consumer bauer retook similar action against capital one and american express. they will change the telemarketing script stooes less confusing when you get them on the phone. you sign up for things you don't know. >> customers say they were talking very fast. >> especially when the payment option came up. >> toys r' us hiring more seasonal workers than usual. >> 45 thousand to help with the morning rush. additional workers are needed to help fulfill the customer orders with the on-line shipping option the new lay away program and the toy reservation program. they have to staff the 200 pop-up storms. some positions could be permanent. >> it is having a major ripple
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effect on food prices, the drought is. >> protein got more expensive thanks to at that route. chicken wings price hike. prices of the meat that is doubled and pig farmers in europe are facing it, too. bacon and sausage lovers around the word may soon be paying higher prices because of the corn they use to feed the livestock. >> ask it's 11 after the hour. coming up 50 percent of american households don't pay any taxes. it isn't stopping them from collecting more federal benefits. why this trend could cost you more. uncle sam continues to pour billions more into promoting electric cars. why is one of the world's largest auto makers pulling out of the market? prices at the pump the national average 3.81 a gallon. (phone ringing)
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r >> 14 after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. a bomb threat delayed several flights. late last night police searched two parking garages as passengers are stuck on planes and kept away from their cars. police didn't find anything suspicious. >> toyota hitting the brakes on widespread sales of an all electric mini car. it will only sell 100 e 2 vehicles in limited release in the u.s. and japan. vice-chairman admits there are many difficulties apparently and
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the company miss read the market. there has been plenty of talk about how many americans don't pay federal income taxes what does that mean for you and the country as a whole. jim engel takes a look. >> as the country rages on about his remarks 47 percent of the americans not paying federal income taxes little decision has been given about debt and deficits of 58 million americans collecting more benefits than they pay in taxes. >> it disconnecting people of the cost of government and they will have a much bigger appetite for government spending as more and more americans don't pay taxes there's less resistance to programs that take money from everybody else. >> close to half don't pay federal income taxes some are retired elderly collecting social security and medicare the study excluded them. even without them the number of nontaxpayers risen from 21
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percent in 1990 42 percent toda. government spending has grown to pace. >> the gobbling of the nonpayer rate associated with more than 200 billion about 213 billion in entitlement spending today. it is a big chunk of change a big part of the federal budget. >> 213 billion a year over 20-years the study found the number of nonpayers has increased the debt to gdp ratio by 14 points. those who don't pay federal income taxes pay other taxes. he and both parties expanded tax breaks for the working poor. >> we put in a child tax credit which when president bush passed all of those tax cuts that's what he did for middle class people. he doubled the child tax credit to a thousand dollars. >> whatever the reason the dynamic is clear. >> the scientific link between
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percentage of americans who weren't paying taxes and the explosion of the size of government. >> ryan and others are expanding the message saying many of the 47 percent aren't paying taxes not because they don't want to be but because obama policies left them no choice. >> jim angle, thank you. it is 17 past the top of the hour. they are taking a major hit. with new regulations it could only get worse. if you are one of those owners stay with us because vera gibbons will be here to tell you how to minimize your losses. >> a hungry student revolt. ♪ >> high schoolers found a clever way to protest new food guidelines. bob...
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>> 22 after the hour. a former professor gets life mind bars for killing col laegs at university offal c alabama i huntsville. she was angry she didn't get tenure and went on a shooting rampage. she avoided the death penalty by pleading guilty. the army corps of engineers is not liable for billions of dollars of blood damage during katrina. the army corps is immune of lawsuits under a provision of the federal court claim tax.
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heather? >> small businesses across the country are taking a hit amid the recent economic slow down. we are learning that it could get even worse on january 2nd automatic spending cuts kick in from 2011. one projection says more than 2 million jobs could be lost and a recent study from aerospace industry says 45 percent of those will be small business workers. also alarming this word from a recent small business committee hearing. it could be the loss of 109 billion in personal earnings and a reduction in 1215 billion from gdp. how can small business owners prevent themselves from losses? let's go to vera gibbons. they are alarmed right now.
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>> i was talking to small business owners and you have to appeal to your legislators get them on your side go in with a bunch of guys together gang up if you will. it is the background of the economy. jobs are created small businesses but they are not doing anything to help small business. if you talk to any business owner congress is a hindrance to get things done can't expand your business can't do much of anything. we are seeing companies go belly up and the ones that are around are in ultimate survival mode. >> appeal to legislators don't be afraid to make demands. get some of the larger companies in your pocket as well. >> guys i talked to you need to see partnership. not only do you want to find the champions in legislators but find the champions in big business. they don't have much of a voice they don't have the money to lobby. the big business actually does.
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the other guys 80 percent of the defense contracting go to businesses to the tune of 600 billion a year. seek them out partner with them. they need you you need them. it all works out. >> in a tough economy this next at the present might be difficult. find new revenue stream. what do you mean by that? >> in a tough economy it is difficult to do this. rather than one or two bread and butter clients like small businesses do they are working efficiently. you really need to find new sources of revenue you need to find new ways to position your product or service move into an entirely different industry and apply your service to that industry. it is about thinking outside of the box. it is an environment as challenging as this one. >> take advantage of the tax breaks. >> tlur tax brehere are tax bre small business owners. auto expenses travel expenses start up costs shths professional fees legal fees.
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maximize all of this some you can actually control. >> thank you so much. i know people out there appreciate the tips today. the time now is 25 after the top of the hour. coming up a freedom of religion fight breaking out in one town. it is all in an effort to keep prayer at town meetings. new reports showing more and more teacher's unions are ditching the democratic party to throw their support behind republicans. but first on this day in history back in 1970 remember this one, vera? patti ann. the partridge family premiered on tv.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather childers. thank you for joining us. it is half past the hour. that means it is time for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news for you at this hour. troops spoiling an insider attack against u.s. forces in afghanistan. they are planning to use homemade bombs to attack a coalition base near kabul.
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it is the first time they have tlavted an insider attack that killed 51 troops this time of year. a new report shows teacher groups have given money for the first half of the year. that is still less than amounts given to democrats but it is the increase to the last election cycle. they are flashing with democrats like chicago mayor rahm emanuel on contracts and education reform. a battle is brewing in texas over prayer after a government meeting. they start every meeting with a prayer but someone complained and now an activist group is asking the commissioners to stop the prayers or change their policy. a group of christians is fighting to make sure that doesn't happen. >> prayer is so important. it says here's where we are going to start and it's how we
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are going to make decisions. the christian group would like to find some kind of compromise. they will meet on the issue tonight. a wild crash leaves four families without a home. it a black ford hovering in mid air you can see it crash into a truck and then a house. it was speeding and hitting a utility poll before causing the accident. building inspectors are assessing the damage to make sure the house is safe. the driver of the pickup was seriously injured. >> michelle obama too much calorie limit. are they really leaving a bitter taste, though, with kansas teens? apparently they are. they channelled their anger into a parody, "we are hungry." ♪
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>> the video based on the hit song we are young. collapsing during volleyball practice crawling on the ground in exhaustion. parents and teens say the 850 calorie maximum doesn't cut it especially for athletes who need more energy during the day. they are hungry. >> that is your 5@5:30. >> the u.n. general assembly convenes this morning with the president set to address world leaders. unlike last year president obama has no one-on-one meetings planned for this visit. kelly wright is live in washington with more for us. this will be president obama's final address before the november election. what he says today will reflect the obama doctrine on foreign
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policy. it will have an impact on this as well. riots through out the muslim world killing ambassador president obama has a full plate of topics to discuss before world leaders. he is expected to talk about terrorism nuclear threats for iran and claims the united states is closest ally in the milled east to israel. he has no plans to meet with world leaders including israel's prime minister netanyahu. he does not wait for the annual meeting in new york to have meetings with consultations between foreign leaders. he has a fairly robust schedule of meings with and conversations with foreign leaders. the ones i just mentioned have had to do with the recent unrest
2:35 am
in the arab world. those kinds of conversations continue all of the time. most of the conversations take place over the phone. critics charge or accuse the president of being too focused on the kbid for reelection instead of meeting with kansas state face to face. the president is trying to boost his political standings. >> his objectives between now and neve is nothing happens in the world unless he can stop it ignore the middle east anothering the iranian problems ignore the debt ceiling ignore everything so you can get over the finish line. >> it is possible for president obama to change his schedule and meet with some leaders and meet with prime minister netanyahu to discuss the turmoil going on in the middle east but so far nothing has been scheduled. kelly wright thank you. another look now at who is talking brit hume offering a commentary last night on special report.
2:36 am
>> giving us his thoughts on why the president should not go off script. >> president obama's latest 60 minutes interview suggests why he so often uses tell prompt ter. without one he says the darnedest things. he claimed mitch mcconnell said he wanted to make him a one-term president quote when i first came into office. mcconnell did not say that until october of 2010 nearly two years into the obama term. mcconnell added quote i don't want the president to fail i want him to change end quote. in another answer he said george w. bush issued more regulations he had during the time frame and moments later asked the bush administration for too much de regulation. also mr. obama's president hor hennessy over a response to iran's nuclear program he said he is able to block out any noise that is out there. on the recent events in the middle east a wave of anti u.s. violence among other things
2:37 am
killed the u.s. ambassador he spoke of the efen inevitable bumps in the road. jay carney said they did not mean what the words clearly say. if that sounds familiar well it is. that's what mr. obama and his defenders claim when he said if you have a business you didn't build that. >> fox and friends will be getting much more reaction from the president's response to the milled east. they will be speaking to prime minister of great britain tony blair. tune in for that. before you leave the house this morning first degree weather update with maria moline awe. >> we have a cold front we are tracking and so far pretty quiet associated with this system. heavier rain across parts of illinois. we are going to see more of that as we head into later today and
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even into tomorrow. from portions of the plains into the parts of the ohio valley and across portions of the northeast especially as we head into tomorrow. grab the umbrellas as you see more showers and storms firing up. westbound the four corners region and rockies dealing with an area of low pressure with areas of showers and isolated thunderstorms. later today some of the storms associated with the cold front will produce severe weather including the city of st. louis and southern parts of illinois and western parts of kentucky and eastern portions of missouri. large hail and damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes will be possible from some of the storms. otherwise currently temperatures already on the cool side in the 50s. cool air into parts of the southeast. it is through raleigh north
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carolina. >> thank you very much. >> it is time to entertain this. tmz reporting lindsay lohan was hospitalized in new york city for a lung infection. >> lohan was treated and released and is reportedly doing fine. she blames it on the stress of her recent rays. sarah michelle gellar adding a baby boy. this is their second child. they have been married since 2002. dancing with the stars kicks off a special all star season last night. ♪ >> six former winners and 7 fan favorites including bristol palin back in the ballroom competing. pam anderson and her partner found themselves at the bottom with a 17. the most shocking performance was kirstie alley. she planted this kiss on host
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tom bergeron. >> none for max? >> time now for the starting lineup. a roundup of all of the stories making headlines at this hour. the call to bring back the regular nfl ref sure to heat up after this. did you see it the packers seahawks game. russell wilson throwing a hail mary as time expires almost everyone says the packers scored the interception except the replacement ref. they ruled that tate had position and gave him the touchdown a very controversial 14-12 win for seattle. heartbreaking. as it grows about replacement refs the nfl finding broncos head coach brock 30,000 dollars for bee rating officials. defensive coordinator also fined 25,000 dollars. and this. a major blow to the jets coach
2:41 am
for the season. arguably the best corner back of the nfl likely out for the season with a torn acl. he got injured in sunday's game verses miami. >> always something for my jets. >> and you are a jets fan. sorry. >> the time now 40 after the hour. still to come it once touted itself as something special in the air. passengers on american airlines aren't finding anything special about increasing delays and cancellations. is this the true meaning of wealth. most are in and around washington, d.c.
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>> welcome back. let's span the globe to see what's making headlines overseas. construction is halted on a new launch pad which could test intercontinental missiles. despite the set back these satellite images show the communist country may be refurbishing an existing pad. u phone plant is back open after a 2,000 employee riot. it took 5,000 cops to break it up. a dispute between employees started the fight. finally to australia. a power outage shut down a monorail after dozens of passengers trannstranded in int heat. they use add cherry picker to get riders off. if you have blown american airlines you may be a part of
2:46 am
growing number of upset customers. here to explain is robert gray. >> you may want to bring reading material or have a plan b. the cancellations at american continue to grow out of a labor dispute. they are talking about more delays and cancellations 5 percent of daily flights are canceled. 55 percent, just 55 percent of the flights are landing within 14 minutes of the scheduled time. you normally see 80 percent of the flights by major carriers being on time. this comes out of a dispute which is in bankruptcy right now. they are collecting more maintenance checks. this is leading to the delays. delays up five times from where they were back on july 1st. they are up from the normal daily rate.
2:47 am
the aircrafts are old patti ann. they may go on strike. fox business network thank you. the time right now 46 after the hour. common sense or a case of big brother making the rules? hospitals being told to dump the deep-fryers and serve patients health yir items. >> it is the last chance to answer the question of the day. president obama meeting criticism for not meeting face to face as the general assembly kicks off. do you think he should take time to meet with world leaders or are constant phone calls enough. now let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on fox and friends. coming up we will talk about the united nations general assembly and how the president will address them and related to the view and not have any bilateral talks with any world
2:48 am
leaders. there is a new battle ground poll out that shows he is leading by 15 points when it comes to middle class tamfamili. he is not ahead with the swing states. also with us we are going to have ann coulter she has a brand new book out. l laura ingram has a new show. we have a former world leader ourselves tony blair will be stopping by the curvey couch. "fox & friends" starts exactly 12 minutes from now.
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>> new york city mayor taking his junk food to high school cafeteri cafeterias. it will ban friday deep-fryers and allow only healthy snacks to
2:52 am
be stocked at cash registers. snookie may have a law named after her in new jersey. they are push ago bill called no snookie bills. shows like jersey shores sometimes brings unwanted situations and the towns should get to have a say. incomes for the typical family staying the same or falling in 49 states the last two years. but there's one area that is slooifi thriving which is raising more than a few eyebrows. >> welcome to maclaine virginia a suburb outside of northern virginia where real estate values maintained their worth through out the recession. that mansion selling for $14.9 million. the washington region posts of having 7 of the top ten wealthyest counties in america. it is usually spun as a feel
2:53 am
good story in the washington area. how did this region get so wealthy? it has no natural resources. potomac river is not used for commercial navigation has no commercial factories? what gives? it's the home of the federal government. here is tim carney of the national examiner. >> ross perot used to talk about free trade from mexico and sucking sound going down to mexico. siems i think that dc is the vortex and giant sucking sound of american wealth and jobs coming in here. >> a number of lawyers lobbyists consultants and businesses gravitate to be closer to the government. in recent years hilton, vogues wagon faic all moved corporate headquarters here. here is tim carney one more time. >> why are they doing that businesses are finding out that dc the federal government controls their prosperity and wealth much more than the rest
2:54 am
of the economy. >> he represents this area probably the wealthyest congressional district in all of america categorically rejects the idea washington and region around here is a pair sitic region that feeds off of those who pay. >> the relationship between the government and need to procure technical services and goods is uniquely that in northern virginia which it has spurred a vibrant information technology high information sector the government benefits from. as well as the source of direct employment and investment created the modern economy in northern virginia. >> the congress is unable to reach a deal and sequestration kicks in. that means mammoth cut backs to the defense industry which stopped the washington region
2:55 am
landscape. only then will washingtonians begin the same recessionnal pain the rest of the country has been feeling for the past four years. thank you very much, doug. the president is facing a lot of criticism. they are not scheduling meetings for the u.n. general assembly. we asked you to brew on this. should the president make time to meet with world leaders this week or are phone conversations enough? >> here are some of your responses. president obama needs to sit down with world leaders not setting time aside to discuss issues with other leaders goes to show president obama is more concerned about the campaign than that of real serious issues. time for the view not the world leaders speaks volumes of our president's values. very sad indeed. bedazzler says i don't think there's anything he could say to fix the situation. so why have the meeting at all. thank you to everyone who
2:56 am
responded. keep the comments coming. >> bedazzler has responded before. i don't remember that. the time now is 5 minutes till the top of the hour. this is not a sight you see every day. flock of sheep looking for retail therapy. can you figure out the word of the day? wow. i don't know. i have no idea. stick around for the answer.
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>> chivalry is dead. 51 percent of the guys think you should go dutch on the first date . 5 percent think men should pay for dinner. and heard of sheep in austriia. one wandered inside and the others followed. they rest poured out. >> i have been known to split the check.


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